We are delighted to invite you  for a wedding cake tasting, so you can try and discuss with us all the details of the wedding cake/desserts for your spacial day.

  • Complimentary tasting for up to 4 people.  There is a $15.00/person charge for additional guests (charges for additional guests will be applied towards the cost of the cake should you choose our cake for your event).

  • Our cake tastings include a cake with almonds.  Please let us know if you have nut allergy, so we can remove that cake from the tasting. 

  • We offer tastings for cakes for 50 people or more.  If you are interested in a cake for less than 50 people, you are welcome to purchase 6" cake from us to try.  Or simply tell us what flavors you prefer and we will try to choose the best option for you. 

  • In order to give you accurate pricing for our cake, please bring images, venue information, and approximate number of guests expected at your event to the tasting.

  • We offer tastings in the evenings and on weekends. Please plan to spend 40-45 minutes at the tasting. Tastings are located in Leesburg, VA.

  • If you would like to inquire or try mini dessert or any other dessert besides wedding cake for your event, please contact us for more information and pricing.

  • We accept all major credit cards and cash for tastings.

  • We look forward to working with you for your special day.